Android – Upload Image File Using Retrofit 2.0

Android – Upload Image File Using Retrofit 2.0

The previous posts guided you GET request in Retrofit. May that will useful to enhance the app with Retrofit’s built-in functionality. Now we will learn How to Upload Image file using Retrofit 2.0.

In this post will show you how to upload files to a back-end server using the second major release of Retrofit, namely Retrofit 2.

Upload File - Retrofit 2.0+

Upload File – Retrofit 2.0+

Let’s have a look at the interface definition for file uploads.

Android Code:

PHP code:

Full Code:

Activity Code:

For Permission Checker (Marshmallow user):

Permission Checker:

I have uploaded whole demo on github: RetrofitImageUpload

File uploads are an essential feature within up-to-date apps and you can integrate this feature within your app using Retrofit. This article guided you through the necessary steps to upload a file from your Android device to your backend server.

What to expect within the next post on Retrofit? Next week we’ll all about how to get back logging within Retrofit 2. Stay tuned, it will be a good shot!

Thank you.

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