InstantSaver App

InstantSaver is an Android App in which you can download all Instagram photos and videos that you love.

Instant Saver

Instant Saver

I know, You will think that this types of application is already available in playstore but there are some differences which can makes you feel that this app is awesome.

In technical terms,  This application is an example of the implementation of the dynamic update of your theme based on a main color. The application retrieve the dominant color of an image and change the theme of the activity in runtime.

You must have to see the look n feel in this app, which is created in Material Design. There are simple three steps to download photos and videos from Instagram.

  1. Open your Instagram, choose Copy Share URL on photo/video you want to save,
  2. Open InstantSaver and Let it do the magic.
  3. Back to InstantSaver, download Photo/Video you love by click to Save button at the bottom right of InstantSaver, or click to Close button at the top right to remove. Open Gallery to see the result!


Download Application:

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